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As an author, my head has become a(n even) strange(r) place. Instead of just talking to myself, I now argue . . . and sometimes lose. Imaginary characters become more real than people I’ve known half my life. Snippets of conversation that normally would be fleetingly acknowledged and then forgotten are instead jotted down, assigned to the appropriate fictional speaker and readied for the the next book. Ditto for unusual people and notable places. Books you’ve written become viewed as children, sort of. (The real offspring ultimately are more cherished, but also a damned sight more expensive and challenging, too.) Being stuck inside a cabin in the North Woods as the rain pelts down while a cocoa-colored river runs two feet higher than it was on Saturday adds to the general squirreliness.


Against the backdrop of incipient mental instability (and financial malpractice), the 99-cent Pack of Lies pre-launch promotion remains in full swing through October 10. A big “Thank you!” to all who have pre-ordered POL and a nudge to those sitting on the fence (or sofa). Matching POL, Lies series opener Sea of Lies will be 99 cents on Amazon in eBook form from September 28-30 and then goes to $1.99 from October 1-4. (You don’t even need a Kindle to participate: you can download for free PC-based e-reading software that handles Amazon’s MOBI-format files.) On October 5, the price goes up to $2.99, so if you’re new to the True Lies camp or an old hand that doesn’t yet have a soft copy of Sea of Lies, your patience has paid off. Two books for the grand sum of $1.98 is a bargain any way you slice it. Once you’ve read them, please leave a review.


Tight lines wherever you may be.


Bradley West

British Columbia