Covid-19 Mutates into far deadlier COVID-20

Covid-19 and then even deadlier Covid-20 ravage the planet. Biotech executive Sal Maggio plans to resettle his extended family in a safe haven in northern Canada. A researcher from Sal’s company shares her proto-treatment that cures his near-death pregnant daughter and her child. Sal’s ex-boss conspires to bankrupt the company via arson in return for the drug’s ownership. Sal refuses to relinquish the last of the miracle treatment or its formula.

The former CEO hires a rogue operator and ex-soldiers. The mercenaries kidnap the newborn to trade for the new drug. The ex-CEO’s infertile, unstable wife claims the baby boy as her own and flees. A psychopathic biologist uses the infant’s blood to save the former CEO. This proves that the baby’s blood, plasma and antibodies can be converted into a commercial treatment. The abductors put the Dark Cure for sale on outlaw websites in the expectation of a multimillion-dollar payday. The kidnappers next seize the new mother as she represents a larger blood reservoir than her newborn.

Sal’s family blames him for the kidnappings and unsuccessful rescue attempts that have left half their group incapacitated and their loved ones still captive. Sal stubbornly accelerates departure preparations with-or-without his daughter and grandson: to have a chance of survival, they must leave soon. The rescue team tracks the mercenaries to a boobytrapped high school. Facing the collapse of law and order and remorseless adversaries, can the outgunned group rescue the mother and baby and successfully embark on an eighteen hundred-mile trek to safety?

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