I’ve been blogging and writing full-time since 2014. After the Countless Lies trilogy concluded in 2019 with End of Lies, I took a year off as  the sinister activities and mysteries on offer didn’t fuel my conspirator’s imagination. 

Late last year, I joined forces with the www.greenmeanscool.com team. I’m not an ecowarrior, but I am a concerned citizen who realizes that the Boomers messed up the planet. The possible solutions to climate change are so politicized and contradictory that most adults avoid discussing them at all, much less contributing time or money to remedies. In an attempt to cut through the muddle, I dove in and in mid-2020 a group of Singapore-based expats finalized a website that focuses on solid science and not hype. We found a handful of helpful, non-controversial (from a science perspective) steps that allow people in the West to keep their cars yet help reduce atmospheric carbon. 

Starting in the second quarter of 2020, Singapore shut down along with most of the rest of the world. From being collaborating remotely on environmental research to being a hermit writing a pandemic/decay of civilization thriller was an easy transition. 

There’s only a single character overlap between Countless Lies and Dark Plague, so existing readers will have a new set of personalities to sink their teeth into. The timing is July, 2020 and the setting is the San Francisco Bay Area. Covid-19 mutates into a deadlier form, an experimental treatment confers immunity on a dying mother-to-be, bio-mercenaries kidnap the baby to milk its blood and we’re off to the races with Dark Cure. The entire book takes place over ten days and it’s an easy read that delivers plenty of intrigue, family tension, and action sequences against the backdrop of the U.S. in collapse.

Look for the second book Hard Road in 2021 and The Haven soon thereafter.

* * * * *

I’m originally from Ohio but after student stopover in London I headed East and here I’ve stayed for thirty-eight years. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to live mostly in Singapore, but also logged many years in Hong Kong with stops in Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore and Colombo.

My fiction is the culmination of nagging doubts dating back over thirty years. In 1985 a leading Asia newspaper alleged that my housemate was the Singapore CIA chief of station. This came as news to both of us. I have questioned appearances versus reality ever since. MH370’s disappearance spurred me to write a novel. In 2014, I traveled to Burma three times to research Sea of Lies, meeting helpful people who became very loose models for several characters. I crafted the plot from these people’s and my speculations, public research and my Asia experiences.

I’m a keen mountain biker, former baseball coach and avid fisherman. I enjoy red wine, dark chocolate and raucous friends around the table. If you’d like to connect, I’m on Twitter @TrueLiesBlog. I’m also on Facebook under Bradley West, Author.