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The Wait is Over!

Greetings from Northern British Columbia, home of beautiful weather and many bears, and a few fish for salmon lovers among you.


The long and winding road to Pack of Lies ends on October 11 when the eBook and paperback go on sale on Amazon US, Canada and UK. You can pre-order Lies installment number two for your Kindle (but not in paperback: Amazon doesn’t permit this) at the discounted price of $0.99 (US), C$1.20 (Canada), or £0.99  (UK):

Amazon US HERE

Amazon Canada HERE

Amazon UK HERE


Once Pack of Lies goes live on October 11, the price will jump to $2.99 so you can save a couple of bucks by pre-ordering. The paperback will be US$11.99, plus shipping (and similarly in other currencies).


But that’s not all . . .


Because you’re a True Lies subscriber, I’d like you to have Pack of Lies absolutely free in soft copy format. All you have to do is click on the URL below and indicate which device you’ll be downloading to, and the wizards at BookFunnel will do the rest:


Pack of Lies BookFunnel Download HERE


Note: if you were a Beta reader, the book now has an expanded and revised conclusion so you should download it again and, at a minimum, read the brand new and shocking last ten pages.


I’d very much appreciate an honest review posted on Amazon and companion reading aficionado site Goodreads on or soon after October 11. Reviews are the single biggest factor in determining Amazon’s rankings, so every review counts for a lot. One way to multiply the weight given to your review is to buy Pack of Lies (even though you’ll have already read the free copy) through Amazon, thereby “verifying” your purchase and giving it 3x-5x the weight Amazon assigns unverified reviews. US-based readers please note that you should mention in your write-up that a free copy of Pack of Lies found its way to you in return for an unbiased review.


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I’m hoping you hardcore Lies fans like Pack of Lies enough to put your reviews up in Amazon as that’s the best way to generate momentum on launch day. If POL does well in the first few weeks after it goes live on October 11, this will multiply the Lies reach. You can also affordably buy Pack of Lies for your friends and family (or even people you don’t like very much), as the eBook doesn’t weigh a lot and fits into almost any electronic Christmas stocking.

So what’s new in book #2?


Pack of Lies uncovers the secret second chapter in MH370’s disappearance while mixing in Osama bin Laden’s lost years, Iran’s thirst for nuclear weapons and a corrupt Malaysia Prime Minister.





From the flap blurb, you can see that the Usual Suspects are back in action, led by broke-again, kicked-out-of-the-family-home Bob Nolan as he follows MH370’s trail to Balochistan in western Pakistan. The book starts out fast and the pace never slackens as Nolan battles rogue Russia intelligence operative Chumakov, Taliban spies and Iran’s Quds commandos. Lurking in the background, China’s Ministry of State Security’s Yu Kaili and ex-CIA covert ops chieftain Frank Coulter hatch their devious plots before a Sri Lanka showdown.


The feedback to date on Pack of Lies from Beta readers is very positive, so click on the above link for your free download. (If you’re not yet a subscriber to the True Lies blog, please provide your email address on


For those readers in the US, Canada, Singapore and Sri Lanka who can’t read without a paper version in hand, please email me at and I’ll try to supply a printed version of the advance reader copy. Supplies are very limited—and note that the ending has changed as well—so please let me know soonest.


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There’s also a new compilation of the non-MH370 blog entries into a fifteen-chapter PDF called A Viper’s Nest of Conspiracies. You can find your free copy on BookFunnel at the following link:

Viper’s BookFunnel Download HERE

or visit and click where indicated to download one directly.



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Finally, have a look at Invisible Ink’s (my editors for SOL and POL) just-published mid-September 2017 interview of yours truly: Bradley West interview by Invisible Ink.



Warmest regards,


Bradley West


British Columbia