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A short note to alert friends and readers that Pack of Lies, the second installment in the Lies trilogy after 2016’s Sea of Lies, will be discounted to $1.99 on Amazon in the US for the next few days. There’s no better time to stock up as the holidays approach with the paperback edition of POL costing $11.99. (If you buy the paperback, the eBook version is further discounted to $0.99.)  Buy Pack of Lies on Amazon now!


Here’s what one SEAL Team 6 warrior and author says:

“Bob Nolan is the most unlikely and intriguing espionage hero I’ve ever encountered, equal parts uncanny intelligence, improbable sexual virtuosity and unlimited capacity for self-preservation.”

Don D. Mann, New York Times Best Selling Author

Retired CIA cryptanalyst Bob Nolan is still on the trail of MH370, but this time he journeys from Singapore to the Balochistan desert where Osama bin Laden’s lost years and Iran’s desire to steal Pakistan nukes entrap him. With the aid of a former SEAL, Nolan escapes to Sri Lanka where his lover Yu Kaili and senior spy in China’s Ministry of State Security matches wits against current and former CIA operatives in a lethal chess match.


Readers can jump into the Lies series at any point, but if you missed critically acclaimed and international best seller Sea of Lies it’s only $3.99 for the eBook and $6.99 for the paperback. Buy Sea of Lies on Amazon now!


A bestselling Southeast Asia crime novelist is a fan as well:

 “Sea of Lies is not just for the tin foil hat brigade. It is a compelling action cocktail involving security services, dirty politics and individuals (some of whom are more or less rogue), The facet of the book I most enjoyed was the way that the author interweaves factual events with imaginative (but none the less plausible) fiction. Nobody – or perhaps I should say, ‘almost nobody’ – knows what happened to MH370; and Bradley West has cooked up a mighty fine stew around this modern-day mystery.”

John Dolan, author of the ‘Time, Blood and Karma’ trilogy.


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I’ll touch base again in 2018 once the conclusion to the Lies trilogy, End of Lies launches. This time Bob Nolan is in the US and just out of prison, and the 2016 Presidential election is heating up.


In the meantime, every day we are reminded that truth is stranger than fiction.


Brad West

En route from British Columbia to Singapore, via Las Vegas