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Last week in Colombo, independent bookstore owner Dominic Sansoni of Barefoot Books graciously said he’d stock Sea of Lies. Dominic, a professional photographer, whipped out his Apple iPhone and took a snap that he’ll use on Instagram to help boost the book.

Barefoot Books CMB BW and SOL 2016 Jun 21

Photo credit: Dominic Sansoni

I uncharacteristically looked good in the shot, so I put if up on my Facebook author page on We’ll I’ll be danged, but a few days later that photo had over 1200 views courtesy of 38 shares from friends and readers.

Team Lies summer intern Ivan “The Terrible” Tan said what in retrospect became obvious. “People like looking at pictures of people they know, particularly if they are doing something stupid like holding up your dreadful book.” (Actually, he didn’t say “dreadful”. I’m paying him, so he said “wonderful” or a synonym.) “Why don’t you email whomever you gave an advance reader copy to, and ask them to take a selfie?” This was indeed a grand suggestion, so without further ado I present the Sea of Lies rogues gallery.

Andrew Jordan with the SOL record album 2016 Jun
Aneirin Flynn, flower lover, and Team Lies’s design genius
Bart West, Patriot, and occasional reader (particularly if coerced)
Fok Lai Fan, jetsetter and Tai Tai, at JFK
Frank Coulter (aka Jim Hawes), SEAL Team-2 suggests you read this book before he sends his people to your home!
Ivan Tan, Tufts University, USA uses “Have you read ‘Sea of Lies’ yet?” as a pickup line. So far, he’s flying solo!
John Carl Roat, SEAL Team-2, is also the author of the 2016 thriller “The Terrorist”. When John needs something lighter on his reading menu, he reaches for “Sea of Lies.”
Max West and NDU Brothers in Lies
Singapore Naval Diving Unit combat frogmen one and all, with author Max West taking center stage
Neil Payne, Landed Gentry
Neil Payne, retired man of leisure, relaxes on the patio of his country estate in Singapore
Rob Stiles, functional illiterate, holds the book up prior to smashing a cockroach
Robert Hecker says SOL tastes better after a bottle of vino

Purasisi Jinadasa introduces Sid to Sea of Lies


“OK, son, let’s read again about Aunt Millie and Uncle Bob.”

Chizzy Nnamchi would walk a mile for Sea of Lies

Chizzy Nnamchi would walk a kilometer in Batas for a copy of “Sea of Lies”

Chloe William demonstrates a superior intellect

Chloe William demonstrates a superior intellect by picking up “Sea of Lies”

Chuck Shriner does curls with SOL every day

Chuck Shriner gets shredded while reading “Sea of Lies”

Damien Little reviews beach sand in the hunt for MH370

After analyzing beach sand samples, Damien Little remains befuddled as to where MH370 landed

Franca de-stresses with Sea of Lies and a margartia

Franca knows that “Sea of Lies” and a frozen margarita go well together

Henry of the SAC Union Bar is in the book

Singapore American Club’s Henry is in “Sea of Lies”!

Boris knows that SOL is actually a very long jokebook

Boris knows that “Sea of Lies” is actually a very long joke book

Sarah Ali says SOL beats working (barely)
Sarah Ali says SOL beats working (barely)

 John Dahlberg finds that SOL makes his heart race

John Dahlberg finds that “Sea of Lies” makes his heart race.

Jeevan William proves that even a good book cannot compensate for a dire hat.
Jeevan William proves that even a good book cannot compensate for a dire hat.
Matt "Jihadi" Tofanelli reads "Sea of Lies" in-between firefights
Matt “Jihadi” Tofanelli reads “Sea of Lies” in-between firefights.