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Sea of Lies by Bradley West is free for the next 5 days on Kindle, “and that’s not all…”


All of us have stayed up (too) late at night and watched (too) many infomercials, so please forgive the above hyperbole. Most of you know—either because you’re existing True Lies blog and/or Sea of Lies readers, or are friends-of-Brad—that I’ve spent the last two-plus years down a rabbit hole writing, editing, and (at last) publishing and promoting the Mother of All Asia Conspiracy thrillers.


From the Amazon blurb, “Agency pariah and soon-to-retire cryptanalyst Bob Nolan is the hub in the wheel of this international espionage thrillerSea of Lies interweaves MH370’s disappearance, a Vietnam-era Spec Forces villain, an NSA whistleblower’s escape from Russia, a sultry Chinese spy teamed up with a CIA code breaker, Iran’s covert nuclear weapons program, a DDOS launched against the US’s surveillance satellites, and the US and China’s struggle for control of the Western Pacific. Singapore, Burma and Sri Lanka feature prominently, with the final showdown in the Australian Outback.”


Some of you received advance reader copies (and three dozen left book reviews: bless you!). Some of you paid $3 to download an eBook to your Kindle, PC, Mac, phone or tablet (thank you!). Some of you wrote, “Let me know when the real book comes out and I’ll buy that.” I’m happy to report that as of 04:00 Eastern Time today, Tuesday July 26, Amazon has three warehouses stocked with paperback Sea of Lies in large (6” x 9”) format with larger type than ARC recipients endured for $12.00.

Julie McLean of printers Thomson-Shore holds the newborn baby . . . yours for only $12 + postage

The eBook is free (forever: this isn’t Kindle Unlimited) through early Sunday morning, July 31 at Free ‘Sea of Lies‘ or buy the paperback from Amazon. After the giveaway ends, the eBook will revert to $3.99.


If you have any problems or questions regarding the Kindle eReader, or how-to-download, or how to leave a review, click here for Kindle and Amazon Questions Answered.


In addition (recall “and that’s not all”…), you can also claim a free Insider’s Guide to ‘Sea of Lies.

The “Insider’s Guide to ‘Sea of Lies’ is available for the asking.

The Insider’s Guide covers 135 topics drawn from history, popular culture and my idiosyncrasies that will appeal to both the casual reader and the hard core conspiracists alike. I wrote it as a thank you to the core supporters, and you should find it a quick and entertaining read. Next week we hope to have an eBook version available as well. For now, it’s only in PDF format.


Thanks for everyone’s support, and I hope you enjoy the books!
Bradley West
Conspiracy Thriller Novelist