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Asia espionage and conspiracy thriller fans averse to ebooks will soon find Sea of Lies for sale in their favorite bookstore, provided that the store is the Barefoot Bookshop on Colombo’s Galle Rd.

Dear friend Ushi William introduced me to owner Dominic Sansoni who took one look at Aneirin (“Flynny Flynn”) Flynn’s brilliant cover and said, “I’ll take it!”

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get a few cartons from Michigan to Sri Lanka . . . .

Barefoot Books CMB BW and SOL 2016 Jun 21

Lovers of the printed word who aren’t in Sri Lanka, hang on until July when Amazon US will be stocking the paperback of the sordid tale of treachery, MH370’s vanishing, infidelity, Burma’s generals, Beirut’s Hezbollah neighborhood, the Politburo Standing Committee, Australia’s rugged Kimberley region, and the CIA and NSA everywhere. The author of the mother of all Asia conspiracy thrillers thanks you.