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The Haven: A World Remade launches September 6 on Amazon for US$3.99 in Kindle format and $15.99 for the paperback (with international sites offering equivalent pricing in local currencies). I’d originally aimed to release it in August, but it turned out I needed a little extra time. Just click on the URL below to lock in your Day One Kindle copy: The Haven Amazon Kindle Pre-Order.


Those of you wanting the paperback can order it on September 6 and it will print on demand before winging its way to your door.


Bradley West, August 27, 2022



What ARC readers are saying about The Haven: A World Remade


Rather than tell you about the action-packed book myself, below I’ve reproduced short comments from six ARC readers.


A story that rockets the reader along at the speed of a hijacked train as the convoy’s survivors fight on all fronts to rescue their loved ones and remain free. Every chapter unveils plot twists and unfurls new surprises. The Haven is ‘unputdownable’ and is West’s best yet. JW.



The Haven brings the Dark Plague trilogy to an explosive and satisfying conclusion as the 3M team’s leader becomes the target of corrupt government officials and Deep State revolutionaries. Add an avenging boyfriend to the mix and the result is a maelstrom of violence, double-and-triple crosses, and last-minute escapes. A great fast-paced thriller that will keep you hanging until the last page. SF.



West puts his descriptive powers to excellent use by developing characters to the point where they elicit the whole gamut of reader emotions from loathing to sympathy. The book’s outstanding action sequences propel the reader to the epicenter via graphic descriptions and meticulous detail. NP



I have been following this series from the start and I am not only a huge fan of the series but also of the author’s writing. This was no less than an edge-of-my-seat kinda adventure. One twist after the other, the suspense kept me guessing till the end.

Speaking of ends, the ending of this book gave me 2012 movie vibes, evoking the final scene where the survivors stand on the ark’s deck as a new day dawns. I would love to see this trilogy being made into a movie series RR


Bristling with kinetic energy as our 3M heroes navigate and battle their way through the corrupted last vestiges of American politicians and misguided souls, The Haven kept me up several nights and provides a masterful conclusion to the series.  Saturated with intricate details of the nonstop battles and escapes, the intertwined stories are full of intrigue, betrayal and redemption.

West consistently entertains while simultaneously scaring the bejeebers out of the reader as we consider how close our current situation is to the societal and moral collapses he describes. I am thankful for the Travises, Carlas, Jaimes, Nolans and the like who gave us characters to root for (and hope that they have real-life analogs if/when the time comes).  The Haven (and the Dark Plague series for that matter) is a must-read for anyone who enjoys well-crafted chases with a cast of characters you can’t help but have strong feelings about. Read this solidly built thriller if you’re in need of stories of overcoming insurmountable odds! RH


The Haven starts off six weeks deep into a world-stopping pandemic with the protagonists whittled down to a band of desperate wanderers hardened, determined and shattered by events that have decimated their families, scorched their dreams and reduced their actions to the cold calculus of revenge and survival in the hope of eventual salvation. Individual actions still matter in West’s world. CS