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Today’s the day you can go onto Amazon and buy The Haven: A World Remade for US$3.99 (or the local currency equivalent) in Kindle format (The Haven Amazon Kindle) and $15.99 in paperback. Those of you who read and enjoyed the ARC, please leave a review on Goodreads (Goodreads Hard Road Deadly Horizon).


Jake Needham lives in Bangkok and knows Southeast Asia inside out. Jake’s Jack Shepherd thrillers and Inspector Samuel Tay detective novels have sold over a million copies, with several Amazon #1’s among them. You can check out his dozen-plus books on his author page (Jake Needham Amazon Author) or website ( Jake kindly read a late draft of The Haven and offered his thoughts:


“There are three categories of conspiracy fiction. Fiction based on conspiracies so silly they make you laugh; fiction based on conspiracies so interesting they make you think; and fiction based on conspiracies so real they scare the unholy crap out of you. When it comes to that third category, Bradley West is the king.” 


Thanks, Jake!


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To whet your appetites, here’s the back flap blurb:


Having escaped the pandemic-devastated U.S., a family convoy seeks to start new lives in the far north. A sociopathic president orders the U.S. military to kidnap their scientist to use her vaccine expertise to cling to power. The scientist’s lover leads a rescue mission that ignites a three-way civil war with America’s fate in the balance.


The action flows from Canada through Idaho and into Montana where the Deep State’s secret soldiers face off against the corrupt president’s backers, with patriots sworn to uphold the Constitution waiting to combat the victor.



See you in the Amazon checkout line!


Bradley West, September 6, 2022



Why you should read The Haven first



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The Dark Plague trilogy starts with the award-winning Dark Cure (2020) and that’s where one would begin if you were a linear, logical reader curious about how a truly lethal Covid variant might dismantle our modern civilization in a matter of weeks. The second book, Hard Road (2021), starts moments after Dark Cure concludes and amps up the action in a Mad Max-esque (with better hair) road story that features three diabolical villains. The Haven follows on directly from Hard Road but the storyline migrates from a Covid-medical thriller (Dark Cure), to the run-and-gun of Hard Road to a darker political-conspiratorial tale that examines human nature at the smallest (e.g., family ties and friendship) and largest (e.g., patriotism) levels under enormous pressure that each of us might find ourselves facing one day. At its foundation, The Haven is the story of a man and his friends prepared to do anything to rescue people they love. (There’s even a detailed prologue to bring the new reader up to date before the thrill ride kicks off.)


If you enjoy The Haven, go back and backfill with Dark Cure (U.S. medical thriller of 2021) and its successor, Hard Road.