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Robert Hunter QuoteShan State Army vs Burma 2015

The Wa Army has a brief, but important, cameo appearance in Sea of Lies

The beast is slain; Sea of Lies lives!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of designer and web guru Aneirin “Flynnie Flynn” Flynn the MH370 conspiracy theory cum CIA thriller is available for three bucks c/o

The hard work begins: finding an audience

It’s been a lot of fun, but now comes the hard work of increasing “discoverability” (an indie publishing phrase: there are heaps of them to be digested once you drink the Kool-Aid). Long ago, I remember reading a Steve Jobs interview where he said, “Not many people like black licorice, but the ones who do like it a lot. Apple is the black licorice in the computer industry.” As it so happens, I’m not an Apple person but I do like black licorice. These days Amazon has 40,000 books a day going up for sale. Sorting through the bad books and the books that aren’t to your liking takes more effort than ever before.

If you like it, please tell someone

Old fashioned word-of-mouth is still the most-trusted search engine, and with good reason. A large number of positive reviews is a strong second. If you pick up Sea of Lies and it strikes a positive chord, then I’d be flattered if you shared that view with like-minded souls.


Now it’s off to the US to BookExpo America in Chicago next week.


Brad West

Singapore, 7 May 2016