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Dark Cure: A Covid Thriller launches today for $2.99 on Kindle and $13.99 in paperback on the Amazon US site (Amazon Dark Cure Book Page), with comparable prices on Amazon’s other platforms worldwide. Dark Cure is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. It’s the first book in the Dark Plague trilogy that tracks an extended family as they flee San Francisco for a new life almost two thousand miles to the north. In opposition stand relentless foes and a deadly virus. When I wrote the novel earlier this year, never did I think that there would be record numbers of new Covid-19 cases recorded in November when the book came out. 2020 is truly a long, strange trip.


For an overview, I’ve copied below the text from the Amazon book page and included excerpts from the first reviews from Goodreads (Goodreads “Dark Cure”).


For an instant preview, click on “Dark Cure” Free Preview.


As many of you know, reviews posted on Amazon and Goodreads are difference-makers when it comes to creating momentum behind a new book launch. With over nine million (!) titles available in Amazon’s Kindle store, book junkies like you rely heavily on reviews when deciding on what to buy next. If you read even half of Dark Cure and have formed an opinion on the book, even before you’ve finished please go ahead and leave a review on Goodreads (no purchase necessary) or the Amazon store where you bought your copy. Your fellow readers and I will be grateful.


In the midst of a pandemic, I appreciate that reading a novel about Covid-19’s even deadlier successor is a peculiar way to relax. Dark Cure is much more about a family’s struggle to free a kidnapped baby and his mother than it is a traditional medical thriller . . . think of Taken or Man on Fire as opposed to Contagion. Dark Cure is a rescue-the-good-guys-from-the-bad guys tale set against the backdrop of pending societal collapse. Now, don’t you feel better about giving it a try? Check out the summary reviews at the bottom of this article for what actual readers are saying.


Happy reading!


Bradley West


Singapore, November 16, 2020


COVID-20 ravages the planet. A baby and his mother’s blood contain the cure. Mercenaries kidnap them.


In this medical thriller, biotech executive Sal Maggio plans to resettle his extended family in remote northern Canada out of the pandemic’s reach. A researcher from Sal’s company shares her experimental treatment that cures his near-death pregnant daughter and her unborn child. Sal’s ex-boss conspires to bankrupt the company in return for the drug’s ownership. Sal refuses to relinquish the last of the miracle cure or its formula.


The former CEO hires a rogue operator to kidnap the infant to barter for the wonder drug. A psychopathic biologist processes the newborn’s blood into a commercial treatment. The baby’s abductors put the Dark Cure for sale on outlaw websites in the expectation of a multimillion-dollar payday. The mercenaries next seize the mother as she represents a larger blood reservoir than the newborn.


As the US collapses and scheming kidnappers fortify their hideout, can the outgunned group save the mother and baby and embark on an eighteen hundred-mile trek north to safety?


Dark Cure disturbingly imagines the near-future if Covid-19 mutates into a deadlier form. The writing is fast-paced and the plot fascinating.”


New York Times Best Selling Author

Inside SEAL Team SIX: My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors

Fans of domestic thrillers and family sagas will enjoy Dark Cure.

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 What ARC readers are saying about Dark Cure


“Part Lord of the Flies and part Contagion, Dark Cure keeps readers engaged with well-developed characters, page-turning action, and an evolving plot that strays from its expected course. Well worth the read.” 5-Star Goodreads reviewer.


“Utterly gripping, taut plot that is disturbingly plausible. A tightly woven bio-terrorism thriller . . . Dark Cure leaves the reader pondering “what if….” with the terrifying prospect of real life imitating fiction . . . Dark Cure firmly establishes West in the genre of Michael Crichton, Matthew Reilly and Lee Child. Bring it on!” 5-Star Goodreads reviewer.


“. . . The US is breaking down, the race for a cure is on, and anything and everything—including bleeding babies and their mothers—is fair game . . . You will be hooked by the halfway point and will need to accept that the rest of your day will be spent reading this book . . . Bradley West’s best book.” 5-Star Goodreads reviewer.


“I really enjoyed this timely book. The pacing was fast and I read the second half of the book in one sitting. I would even say the pace was frenetic at times! Read the book. You won’t be disappointed.” 5-Star Goodreads reviewer.


“West has taken the art of weaving fact and fantasy in his conspiracy thrillers to the extent that often the boundaries get blurred. In short tight chapters, the story builds to a series of pounding crescendos. Dark Cure is a story of our times, told by a master storyteller.” 5-Star Goodreads reviewer.


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