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Only on election eve is WHO’s subservience to China noted by the NYT

On October 20, I published a blog entitled Covid-19’s Ugly Origins: Almost Time for the Truth. With the election tomorrow in the US (it’s already Nov 3 in Asia), the subtitle rings particularly true in light of the New York Times‘ decision to run a damning article about the WHO’s subservience to China and the resulting obfuscation of Covid’s true origins . . . possibly to the detriment of the health of a few hundred million (or more) people. While I’m glad that the NYT supports the contentions in the two Covid blogs (readers of the first one can click through for access to the second, or go to and provide an email address), the article’s timing proves (yet again) that the mainstream US press would rather not investigate (or publish) pieces that could help Trump/hurt Biden than pursue the truth. I learned long ago that press freedom was one of the crucial underpinnings of America’s democracy, with journalists honor-bound to pursue stories even if what they discover doesn’t mesh with their political preferences. In any event, read the NYT article for more insight into the WHO’s toadying to China. Maybe starting next week, journalists will go back to doing their jobs: “All the news that’s fit to print” taking precedence over “All the news that fits our editorial room’s political views.” NYT China WHO Coronavirus Failures 2020 Nov 2 

ADDENDUM (Dec 2): Two teams to seek Covid’s origins

It took but two days after the US election for the WHO to publish the outline of its long-delayed investigation of Covid’s origins. See WHO Covid Response Course 2020 Nov 5 for details.

In July, respected UK publication The Lancet established a Covid Commission. More recently, on November 23, the Lancet announced the members of the task force created to investigate the origins of Covid-19. See Lancet Covid task force named 2020 Nov.

It seems that both the WHO and Lancet groups start from the premise that the virus jumped from wild animals to humans. Let’s hope that they also leave room for the possibility that Covid-19 escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

China won’t allow either team into the country, so what we’re looking at is a much weaker “review the global literature comprehensively and from multiple perspectives (ecology, virology, public health practices), and will do its best to engage with China’s public health leaders and scientists.” (Lancet task force leader Peter Daszak, president of the nonprofit research organization EcoHealth Alliance.)

My prediction is that neither group will find definitive answers because it’s in China’s interests to obstruct the investigations. The incompetence, coverups and human rights violations are too great for the authoritarian state to tolerate. I hope I’m wrong.

Read more in Wired Magazine Wired Origins of Covid Dec 2020.

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Bradley West


Singapore, November 3, 2020