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Source: Getty Images (via Miami Herald)

The wait is almost over for Hard Road: A Covid Thriller. Today I finished the first draft. It needs to lose weight (words) before going out to the editors ahead of the planned early June release date. My writing discipline benefited thanks to the ongoing global Covid-19 lockdown with the official writing starting on Christmas Day, just under three months ago.

For those of you who are now ready to try a Covid-19 thriller, “Dark Cure” is $3 on Amazon in eBook format at

Meanwhile, life continues to imitate art as per an article in the Miami Herald which reports that a vaccinated pregnant woman passed Covid-19 antibodies to her unborn child…/cor…/article249997424.html

I’m pleased to report that there’s one advantage to being over sixty: one shot down and one to go.

Stay healthy.


Bradley West

Singapore, March 20, 2021