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Greetings, Lies Readers!


Dark Cure, the first book in a new series of Covid thrillers, appears at end October. You’ll be able to order it off Amazon sites worldwide in Kindle and paperback, but not other outlets as is the case with the Countless Lies series.



Covid-19 mutates into deadly Covid-20 and sweeps across the world. Biotech executive Sal Maggio uses an experimental treatment to save his pregnant daughter. Mercenaries kidnap the newborn to trade for the vaccine. The kidnappers discover that the infant’s body harbors miraculous antibodies and they snatch the mother to milk her blood as well for the Dark Cure. Tension mounts when a kidnapper vows to kill the daughter once they finish with her.

Sal tracks the mercenaries to an abandoned high school while law and order evaporate. Facing remorseless adversaries, can the outgunned group rescue the mother and baby?

*  *  *  *  *

If you’d like to read the first three short chapters of Dark Cure, please click on the following link and choose the most convenient format based on your reading preferences:

Dark Cure Chapters 1-3 download


If this sneak preview whets your appetite, shoot me an email at and I’ll email an advanced reader copy (which may still have a few typos) to you.



I’ll blog again with more details about the origins of Dark Cure once I’ve finalized the launch dates and the proofreader casts her expert eye over the text.

In the meantime, visit if you have a chance. There will soon be two series to choose from:

Dark Plague

Dark Cure (2020)

Hard Road (2021)

The Haven (2022)


Countless Lies

Sea of Lies (2016)

Pack of Lies (2017)

End of Lies (2019)


Countless Lies fans, don’t despair as a new Bob Nolan short story is in progress. It’s 2020 and, as Covid ravages the planet, a retired Nolan tries to figure out who is trying to kill him this time . . . and there’s no shortage of suspects. Look for the Bob’s Christmas List giveaway via my author website later this year.


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