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Hard Road: Deadly Horizon launches August 25 on Amazon for US$3.99 in Kindle format and $13.99 for the paperback (with international sites offering equivalent pricing in local currencies). I’d originally aimed for an August 16 full launch, but it turned out I needed the extra time for more polishing plus formatting issues. Those readers chomping at the bit can email me ( and request an ARC in Mobi (Kindle) format. Those who want the final version can pre-order now and Hard Road will be waiting for you on August 25 whenever you boot up your reading device.


If you click on the URL (Hard Road Amazon Kindle pre-order), Amazon will take you to the right place.


Bradley West, August 19, 2021



What ARC readers are saying about Hard Road: Deadly Horizon


Rather than tell you about the action-packed book myself, below I’ve reproduced short comments from six ARC readers.


“This book definitely defies expectations. It picks up where Dark Cure left off with the convoy in trouble, and the trouble never stops. Along the way, the lives of everyone in the group are under threat and many of them die or are wounded. Their opponents are so awful, I couldn’t wait for someone to kill them. The legal and police systems no longer work while the pandemic grows in strength and society breaks down. Hard Road is a thought-provoking book that kept me up late two nights in a row to finish it. Not for the faint of heart.” ARC reader H. Cader.


“I read Hard Road straight through in a single six-hour session. It’s that good. It’s that exciting. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes well-crafted, action-packed thrillers.” ARC reader Steve S.


“I read Hard Road in eager anticipation after devouring Dark Cure, part 1 of West’s second trilogy.  I marveled at the author’s ability to devise a plot which is complex but at the same time grippingly entertaining.

This book, describing the protagonists’ journey from the Bay Area to the Canadian border in a time of Covid-caused societal breakdown, is another classic West page-turner. I found it almost impossible to put down as plot twist after plot twist kept me hooked.

Two books into the series, I still have no idea how it will end and who will survive: West puts everyone and everything at risk, and readers are warned not to become too attached to characters. The Haven can’t come soon enough.” ARC reader A.J.


“The medical thriller for these uncertain times, Hard Road chronicles a family’s frantic race to find sanctuary in a land ravaged by a mutant strain of Covid. The scarily plausible, well-thought-out plot keeps unfurling surprises with every weave and turn of the convoy’s progress towards distant safety.

Hard Road maintains the pulse-racing, page-turning style that has become a Bradley West hallmark.” ARC reader J William


“West’s follow up to Dark Cure, Hard Road, as its title implies, presents a sojourn into the unknown. It’s a rare mix of hope and despair, blue and gray skies with astonishing twists, which are the hallmark of West’s cleaved visions. Characters are lost and then found again, vindicated and shorn of humanity in the quest for survival. The road is endless as are the thrills. Buckle up, but not too tight. The corners are fraught with danger and familiar betrayal. A must read. ARC reader Chas S.


Hard Road is an action-packed chase where our heroes continue their journey toward safety. While we all love the good guys, the bad guys are awesome, ranging from downright diabolical to extremely violent. A great read.” ARC reader Mike E.